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Hydra Bottle Features & Benefits


Our range of functionally & aesthetic water bottles are popular with our customers for the following reasons:

Easy To Use Quick Flip Cap

Hydra Big Bottle Flip Cap

One of the more frustrating things about twist top drink bottles is that you have to spend time screwing and unscrewing the cap. This tends to be a bigger deal when you are on-the-go or trying to get a quick drink during an activity break.

Our customers always tell us that one of the main reasons they purchased a Hydra Bottle over other big bottle brands is because of our flip caps - compared to the traditional twist tops that our competitors offer. Once you use a Hydra Bottle for the first time, you will wonder why you ever settled for using a twist top bottle.


Expansive Range of Colours

Hydra Bottle Colour Range

One of the things that set our bottles apart from the rest is that we offer a wide array of colours. With a continuously expanding range of colours, there's sure to be one, or many, to match your personality or outfit (for the more fashion savvy ones out there!).

Quality Materials

Our bottles are BPA free, made from durable food grade plastic. You can be assured that you are getting your source of hydration safely. 

Strong Dedication to Customer Service

As much as we try to give our customers a perfect experience with our products, issues come up from time to time and our friendly customer service team is here to assist you promptly and swiftly if you ever encounter any issues during and post-purchase.