The Mini Hydra Series | 1.3L Water Bottle | Mini Water Bottles

Smaller bottles, bigger attitude! Buy from our range of mini water bottles today to stay hydrated with personal style during your activities. Our mini water bottles are big enough to keep you hydrated but small enough for ease of storage and portability. Make sure you keep a lookout as we are always introducing new colours and products to our range!



What makes HYDRA BOTTLE different to many other big bottle companies are:
  • Our higher quality materials
  • Our wide range of unique matte colours (range is always expanding)
  • The Hydra Quick Flip Cap that allows for easier access to water and high flow drink opening
  • Our strong dedication to customer service. 
All our bottles are BPA & DEHP FREE! These are the water bottles you need to accompany your active lifestyle. 1.3L isn't enough? Check out our range of big 2.2L bottles for those who need more.