Hydra Bottle - Big 2.2L Bottles


What makes HYDRA BOTTLES different to many other big 2.2 litre water bottle companies are

  • Our higher quality materials (check out the drop test video below)
  • Wide range of unique matte colours (range is expanding with time)
  • The Hydra Quick Flip Cap that allows for easier access to water and high flow drink opening

All our bottles are BPA & DEHP FREE! These are the big bottles that you want to accompany your active lifestyle.

Full Drop Test Video

Check out our full drop test video below showing you how our Matte Pink 2.2L Hydra Bottle outperformed two big 2.2L water bottles in the market. Also FYI it is the same pink bottle being used for all the drops, just to show you our big water bottles mean business!

*Please note that although our bottles are of very high quality, they are not indestructible. The bottle may shatter if impacted upon hard enough. This video is for demonstration purposes only.* 


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Big 2.2 Litre Water Bottles