April 24, 2018 2 min read

1. Don’t be afraid to add some flavour

    Break the monotony and liven up your water intake. There’s a variety of different ways you can hydrate yourself while simultaneously getting in some flavour — as well as some extra nutrients. Try adding some fresh fruit, such as frozen berries, or lemon slices; add in herbs such as mint or lavender; or even mix it up a little and try some ginger.

    2. Start a habit

    Link your water intake with some common activities. About to have a meal? Drink some water. Back from the bathroom? Drink up. By connecting these activities with a few sips of water, you keep the momentum going.


    3. Keep yourself in good company

    Keep it by your desk. Keep it by your bed. Fill up a large bottleand have it journey alongside. It’s much easier to remember to keep yourself hydrated when the reminder sits close by.


    4. Don’t stop at just the liquid

    It’s not just water alone that can help hydrate you. A bowl of pineapple is made up of 87% water, grapefruit would be 91%, and cucumber stands at 96%. Eating your water also means a slower absorption of the fluid — so the water stays in your body a lot longer.


    5. Get a large water bottle

    Full disclosure: a tiny sales pitch is coming up. Getting a large water bottle makes it easier for you to track how much water you’ve been drinking all day. For example, if you use one of our 2.2L Hydra Bottles, you can see roughly how much water you’ve been drinking throughout the day, and if you’ve finished the entire bottle, you know you’ve consumed a good amount. Also, having large water bottles makes it easier for you to transport your water source around compared to using a jug or carafe — and the wide lid allows you to easily add flavour to your water as well!

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    Written by Ashley Valli